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‎مؤسسة سوريا الغد للإغاثة | Syria ALgad relief



Our Vision is to be an aspiring organisation and key institution in empowering refugees and their host-communities in MENA region by fostering ground for socio-economic stability and solidarity.


Our Mission is to provide refugees and their Egyptian host-community with needed services and projects, directly based on community research to identify urgent and long-term needs in vulnerable communities and areas.
By doing this, we follow our main goal to improve the living conditions and the well-being of the community in addition to providing an access to basic human rights e.g. education, employment and health care.

Who we are

We are a group of Syrian students who started to provide immediate assistance in response to the ongoing conflict in Syria with self-help efforts to support Syrian refugees, families, and children who arrived without their parents.

Our work started in 2012 on a voluntary basis to help Syrian refugees arriving and settling down in Egypt and evolved gradually into a professionally working foundation to support refugees. Our first cooperation to support the arriving Syrian refugees to Egypt was with the Egyptian Medical Syndicate to provide affordable housing and cash assistance.

In March 2013, the Foundation began its official work in the Arab Republic of Egypt (Licence Number:4846) as an emergence response to the extremely difficult conditions because of the Syrian conflict to support the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in Egypt in cooperation with regional and international NGOs in Egypt. With a great ratio of our staff being part of Greater-Cairo’s refugee communities, we see ourselves as informed insiders and trusted body, working on refugees’ and vulnerable groups’ behalf.

Our work aims to foster socio-economic solidarity and stability in common, and to address socio-economic concerns as well as to improve access to basic services for refugees in specific and disadvantage communities in the host –country.

Syria al-gad Relief Foundation (SGRF) strives to aid and empower refugees by providing efficient educational and health care services in addition to community development as direct respond to the communities’ needs and the obstacles they face within the Egyptian host-country.

We offer first response aid through financial and material donations, comprehensive medical services as well as a sustainable community development through education and capacity building. Together with our local and international partner-organisations, we create reasonable work opportunities to relief the overall financial situation as well as safe spaces to give children, youths and their families a space for a positive social cohesion and integration for better prospects.

In order to foster A well-designed and a responsive program, one of our main strategies is to make aware about the living conditions and daily obstacles of refugees and other vulnerable groups in Egypt. Therefore, the foundation uses active online presence in social media channels like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to daily update our activities and projects as well as the people receiving our support in addition to updated database with registered refugees.


  • Medical Assistance
    The Foundation established a Medical Clinic and Pharmacies in Obour to serve refugees and expected to open another Clinic in 6th October (opening in October 2017). For registered members of Syria al-Gad, the Foundation offers medical treatment for nominal amount per visit. In urgent cases, we can offer free medical treatment for registered members while non-members can receive low-price medical treatment in our Clinics. Medicine provided in our pharmacies is free of charge for all patients (sponsored by IOM).

    Through our cooperation with the World Health Organisation (WHO), Clinics can refer vulnerable patients in need for urgent surgeries to receive financial aid.
  • Educational Assistance
    To provide vulnerable children a safe environment for education in their host-communities. The Foundation established a private non-profit educational Centres in Obour City and el-Shourqe. The Centres offer educational services (traditional and non-traditional) and workshops meeting the vulnerable students and their parents’ needs of psycho-social and learning support after having experienced violent conflict, displacement and educational disruption.

    The Centres offer an opportunity to social cohesion and solidarity between Syrian families and Egyptian ones by encouraging communication between Syrian students and their peers.

    The educational Centers provide access to education to children, whose families cannot afford necessities by providing them with school expenses and clothing or financial support to their families living in 6th October, Obour, 10 th of Ramdan and Faysal. It also serves as transitional education spaces to support refugees’ educational perspectives till they receive the required documents from UNCHR and apply to the Egyptian schools.

    With this approach, the foundation aims to reduce and prevent negative coping strategies as school dropouts and child labour while strengthening vulnerable communities’ prospects and encouraging affordable spaces run by refugees and supported by their Egyptian peers.
  • Material Assistance
    Within our emergency response programs, the Foundation offers first urgent financial aid for vulnerable families to pay their rent and basic needs as this can pose major financial obstacles due to the ongoing economic crisis in Egypt in addition to the lack of decent work opportunities.

    The Foundation provides financial support to orphans of refugee’s families and applies a refer mechanism to help them received aids provided by other projects or to other partners.

    The Foundation provides a seasonal and periodical support to the registered families in their database. Basic material distributions are conducted during winter season (e.g. blankets) and at the beginning of the school year (e.g. school stationaries, clothes and bags) in addition to food basket distribution and seasonal meat distributions during Ramadan and Eid Al-Idha through our executive offices and volunteers

    We implement periodical distributions of food, including seasonal meat distributions during Ramadan and Eid Al-Idha, and school clothes and stationaries for school students through our executive offices and volunteers.
  • Services for Specific Nationalities in Egypt
    The Foundation aims to establish an effective and sustainable solutions to improve the living conditions and the economic status of refugees and disadvantaged communities in the Egyptian-host community.

    Through our services and projects, we also develop reasonable work opportunities and foster a skilled and self-reliant refugee community in Egypt to ease the legal and economic obstacles resulted from the current economic crisis. To empower refugees and disadvantages communities living in Egypt, the Foundation promotes sustainable employment by offering vocational training or providing professional capacity building workshops for volunteers to strengthen and professionalise their skills and to increase their opportunity to find fair and decent jobs in the Egyptian community.

    Ensuring gender equality, a great part of our work focuses on the empowerment of all women and girls and the realization of their human rights, through education, skill development and the creation of work-from-home opportunities. We offer capacity building courses for mothers to strengthen their self-esteem and elevate self-reliance through knowledge and practical skills for their all-day life. We offer technical support to teach women, especially single –mothers, to create livelihood strategies for more independency and foster their integration in the hosting communities.

    The Foundation aims to adopt different approaches for poverty alleviation based on sustaining peoples’ livelihoods at the household level and supporting self-employment (e.g starts-up, entrepreneurs) to reduce poverty and increase the possibility of achieving an economic growth.

    We aim to significantly expand the opportunities for different members of disadvantaged families to become entrepreneurs /starts-ups through facilitating their access to financial, technical and business development services. This will enable potential entrepreneurs within these families to start up small businesses that ensure a sustainable source of income for the entire household.

    As part of the comprehensive family development approach, the Foundation aims at fostering children's ethical, social, and intellectual development. Through the educational and medical canters, the Foundation strengthens and preserves children’s rights, in line with Child protection policy, using child learning as the integrating concept in addition to other supportive actions to achieve positive child-centred developments in family and community environments.

    SGRF through the support of its partners provides crucial psychosocial support for children and their parents to help them overcome difficult experiences and exposure to violence. This support includes culturally and age appropriate, safe and motivating activities and excursions such as sports and games to develop social skills and coping mechanisms, and support resiliency.

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‎مؤسسة سوريا الغد للإغاثة | Syria ALgad relief

‎مؤسسة سوريا الغد للإغاثة | Syria ALgad relief

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