The Habebit Alkhair Association For Development branches include:
  • Head Office: Giza-El Haram,  Abdel-Wanis Street, Building 4 (behind the printer press), 1st Floor
  • 6th of October – 8th Area Royal Tower Fourth Floor
  • Central Mehwar Street, Area 3, Building 29, 4th Floor
  • Central Mehwar Street, Swedy Mall, after Vodafone Square, 2nd Floor

Habebit AlKher is a registered non-governmental organization, governed by the ministry of social affairs. Launched in 2007. Registration number 3023 (for operation in Egypt).

Habebit AlKher is committed to undertaking various programs and activities for children, youth, men, women, elderly, orphans, disabled persons, refugees, and other marginalized segments of society, irrespective of their caste, creed, age, sex, color and religion, who live in rural or urban areas, in order to realize the ideals and objectives of Egyptian culture and so as to protect, promote and advocate for human rights.

We work for the social, economic and educational upliftment of these groups by developing and conducting related training and orientation activities.

Our earnings are re-invested in building capacities for creating a firm foundation of leadership critical mass within the broader socioeconomic, local, national and maybe global context in the future.

We will attempt a skillful synthesis between tradition and folk forms of communication on one hand, and modern technology on the other.

We also coordinate and impart training on relevant skills (including entrepreneurship and vocational training) to target segments, and empower them in setting up self-employment ventures, or upgrade their current tools and techniques – including access to e-commerce.

We also aim to use these successful cases as a tool to inspire other marginalized segments of society and develop positive social skills and aspirations so that they can act as role models for people in their local communities.

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