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International Children’s Peace Prize 2017 by Kids Rights Organization

Each year the International Children’s Peace Prize is awarded to a brave child who has demonstrated the skill and determination necessary to personally improve the rights of children. They deserve the recognition and a global platform to continue their work on an international scale. We therefore call upon individuals and organizations worldwide to nominate eligible children or youths.

This year will be the 13th consecutive year that the prize is awarded. In previous years the prize has been awarded, among others, to Malala Yousafzai (in 2013), who went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 and to Kehkashan Basu (2016), who gained an international platform to spread her powerful message of environmental protection. Her message reached hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Like Malala and Kehkashan, we believe there are countless young change makers in the world; children or youths who deserve the recognition for their commitment to children’s rights. We need your help in finding this year’s potential winner. Nominated children must meet the criteria mentioned on the Children’s Peace Prize website. The nomination form is attached in English and Arabic.

The deadline for submitting a nominee is March 17, 2017. We look forward to your entries!

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