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Migrants and the Host Society: Partnerships for Success: The Legal and Political Aspects for Integration

Egypt is considered as a sending and receiving country. It is keen to provide protection to Egyptians abroad through concluding many bilateral and multilateral International agreements such as EU/Egypt Association Agreement, and other bilateral agreements in the field of migration such as Labor agreement between Italy and Egypt which is considered a good model to be followed by EU.

Regarding integration and its importance in the International Society, we must differentiate between the meanings of "integration" and "cultural assimilation", which is consider the main struggle between migrants and the hosting countries. It is worth mentioning, that migrants formulate an important portion of Manpower in the industrial countries which suffer from a decrease in manpower due to the demographic factors and decreasing in the fertility rates in these countries.

Non-integration of migrants in European societies remains one of the main problems facing them. The most outstanding reason for this phenomenon is related to social accumulations which can not be overcome by migrants, resulting in alienation from the new society.

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