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1. Living Assistance

Living Assistance services aim to help migrants integrate in their respective societies and achieve self-sufficiency. The services include employment and educational assistance, financial, medical, and material assistance, housing and shelter support, family tracing, as well as psychosocial and psychological help.

2. Specialized Services

Specialized Services comprises organizations that cater for people who have specific circumstances such as children in general or specifically for unaccompanied children and people with special needs, survivors of sexual and gender-based violence and victims of human trafficking, as well as organizations that provide services for specific nationalities.

​​​​​​​3. Legal and Durable Solutions

Legal and Durable Solutions comprises organizations that provide assistance to people otherwise unable to afford or attain legal representation or advice. The organizations offer assistance to refugees and other categories of migrants in order to find for durable solutions (local integration; resettlement/relocation; repatriation/return). Information on legal registration of business start-ups, and legal procedures for acquisition of work permits when possible, is also available.