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On this page, you will find posts about available opportunities for migrants in Egypt such as scholarships, trainings, consultancies and jobs. You can filter the available opportunities by using the search filters below. If your organization wants to add here an advertised opportunity for migrants, please write to IOM through the BOSLA contact us page

  • 03 May

    Caritas Egypt 7 Vacancies Annoucement

    Caritas Egypt is looking for 7 new people to join their team. Find below the detailed information for each vacancy.

    How to Apply: Please send your CV to with the title of the respective TOR in the subject line.

  • 04 Mar

    D-Jil : innovate and create digital content for youth

    Webtv, webradio, YouTube Channels, innovative online programmes…You have a project that aims at giving a voice to young people in the Arab world and would like to take to another level ? Apply for D-Jil and benefit from support to produce online media content for the new generation!

    Focused studies in the Arab world show that young people want to play a more active role in the media. They are turning increasingly to social and online media, which offer them greater opportunities for interaction and content publication.

  • 15 Jul

    برنامج لوريال- يونسكو "من أجل المرأة في العلم" مصر - 2018

    يهدف برنامج لوريال- يونسكو "من أجل المرأة في العلم" لزمالة مصرإلى تعزيز مشاركة الشّابات في مجالات العلوم من
    دولة مصر. يختار هذا البرنامج ويكافئ الشّابات العالمات المتميزات في مجال علوم الحياة )مثل علم الأحياء والكيمياء
    الحيوية والفيزياء الحيوية وعلم الوراثة وعلم وظائف الأعضاء وعلوم الأعصاب والتكنولوجيات الحيوية وعلم البيئة وعلم
    السلوك(، بالإضافة إلى العلوم الفيزيائية )مثل الفيزياء والكيمياء وهندسة البترول والرياضيات والعلوم الهندسية وعلوم
    المعلومات وعلوم الأرض والكون(.

  • 15 Jul

    L'Oréal UNESCO For Women In Science National Fellowship Program Egypt

    L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Egypt fellowships program aims to promote the participation of young women in science coming from Egypt. This program identifies and rewards talented young female scientists in the field of Life Sciences (such as biology, biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, physiology, neurosciences, biotechnologies, ecology and ethology) as well as Physical Sciences (such as physics, chemistry, petroleum engineering, mathematics, engineering sciences, information sciences, Earth and Universe sciences).